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Payroll Software

Payroll Software specially designed for SME's and small organizations. The software covers complete attendance management right from Integration with leading Attendance Systems to generating attendance reports. It simply goes ahead for Payroll Calculations and finally generates all type of E-Returns. As a small organisation it is important to keep all the process more simple and utilise the man power to the best extend. A Simple Payroll Software is designed to fulfil the needs of a Small Office for Salary calculations. Small offices like Chartered Accountants, Architects, Distributors, Dealers, Software Company, BPO, KPO will be benefited from Payroll software. Simple Payroll Software which will help small offices to make Payroll processing much easier and simple. Payroll software is a complete solutions from Time Attendance to Payroll Calculations and returns. Software can be integrated with Biometric / Fingerprint / Face Detection system and further in the same software salary can be generated on a single click.

Payroll Software Features :

* Multi Company Software administration
* Company wise Configurations
* Unlimited Salary head Creations
* Comprehensive Leave module
* Company wise Salary Processing
* Suitable for all type of Industry.

Reports of Payroll Software for Small Offices :

* Daily Attendance Reports
* Over Time Report
* Attendance Logs Reports
* Leave Report

Monthly Attendance Reports :

* Monthly Muster Report
* Monthly Performance Muster
* Leave Summery Report

Payroll Reports :

* Pay Slip Report
* Bank Transfer Report
* Salary Sheet
* PF E return File
* ESIC E return File
* PT calculations