Dairy Management Software

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Dairy Management Software

Pragmatic Info Solution makes milk collection process calculation easy. Right from measuring the fat of the milk to make payments to the farmer and generate analytical reports, all the steps are taken care of in the solution.

At village level

* A farmer brings milk to the collection centre.
* The milk is weighed with an electronic scale and weight in grams is converted into litres.
* Fat / Mava of the milk is tested by measuring unit.
* The attendant takes a handy report from that Data Processor and gives a copy to the farmer. The report contains the farmers name, a/c no., type of milk, (cow or buffalo), measurement, fat and rates payable to the farmer.


In this section we have given an overview of the software like,
* Masters – User / Member / Account.
* Milk Collection Module – Records Transaction of the Collection of Milk.
* Milk Sale Module – Records Transaction of sailing of Milk to Different Customer Types
* Reports – Purchase / Sales / Milk Collection / Shift Collection
* Accounting Reports – Trial Balance / General Ledger / Balance Sheet.

Company Master:

In this master individual Company rights are created and updated depending upon the Nature of the responsibility that user has. We can define the Company Details – Name, address, Contact details, and Milk Purchase details.

User Master:

In this master all the details of each and every member is recorded like,
* Create Member
* Add personal information
* Allocate user categories – Supplier/Retail Customer/Corporate Customer

Purchase Master:

* The rate to member can be calculated as per Fat % / SNF / MAVA depending upon the society.
* Only one code number is given to the member for COW as well as BUFFALO.
* Can wise report is generated,
* Milk Collection summary is seen in the same milk collection form in which the total milk collection i.e. Cow & Buffalo.
* Help regarding the milk collection is also available in the same form.
The effect of this entry will be automatically updated in all the respective accounting heads like Milk Sales Cow, Milk Sale Buffalo etc.

Sales Master:

* Entry for the local sales is done here.
* This entry of sales of milk is automatically generated in the Petty Cash Book thus it increase the cash.
* Local Sales register can be prepared from this form.
The effect on the stock of the product will be done immediately.

Other Item Sales Master:

Other food material made from Milk like Ghee, Paneer, and Dahi etc.


This is most critical module, because the payment system varies from member.


Member List –Every details of the member is covered in this report.
Purchase Register- Shift Wise milk purchase register
Milk Purchase Report
    * Weekly Supplier wise
    * Daily Milk collection Summary
    * Supplier Milk rate wise Summary
Payment Register - Details showing the payment to be made for individual supplier
Customer wise Milk sale summary
Expense Register
Labour salary register