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Pay Per Click marketing, a part of digital marketing service.
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Google Adwords

PPC, i.e., Pay Per Click is a marketing strategy in which search engine advertising is used to generate clicks to your website. The businesses that want instant clicks to their websites and are not interested in earning the clicks organically, go for PPC. PPC is a model of online marketing in which advertisers pay for each click on their advertisement. More importantly, it is a way of purchasing visits to your website.

PPC Content for Google

Google PPC marketing facilitates you to advertise on Google, which helps to get your message out to a huge audience of internet users. In order to perform PPC marketing with Google, you need to use Google's advertising platform, AdWords.
AdWords is Google's pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform and chief source of revenue. In PPC Google marketing, you have to use AdWords to bid on the keywords you want to activate your sponsored ads. Google selects ads to be shown and the position of the ads based on every user's maximum bid and Quality Score.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most visited online social networking website. Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg with his college fellows. Social media marketing through Facebook is a growing trendy nowadays. We can consider an example, if you have opened your new grocery shop in your area. And you want people to know about your shop in your area and out of your, there can be one way like creating a Facebook page of your shop. You can post everyday on your page about your shop, about new products and services which you are selling, discount offers, etc. This is marketing strategy which you can use with the help of Facebook. With a demand for Social media marketing, there are many emerging SMO companies in India. You will also be able to create campaigns and ads for businesses but they are paid. These campaigns and ads are genuine and you will get most of the likes for your campaign. People subscribe to these campaigns and ads to get lot of visitors for their posts.


We target very specific keywords that exist in email headlines of your target audience. Let’s use an example to show you what I mean.Say you’re builder and you want to target users who are having trouble finding the best builder in their locality and might be interested in your project.So what kind of email might a person receive? Builder in particular region, Best builders, Reliable builders, Flats in particular region.By targeting the exact match phrase [Your AdWords Ads Aren't Running; Action Required] you can have a set of ads that only run when people receive this message.Our team manages the entire process for you, replacing guesswork with our time–proven methodology. We work with you to select an initial set of keywords to target with your pay per click campaign, and then research additional keywords, across your target audience's entire research/buying cycle, to test for effectiveness in meeting your marketing goals. And we coordinate the prudent use of pay per click advertising in co-ordination with search engine optimization — advising on when to use one technique, when the other, and when both.

Youtube Adwords

YouTube is a video-sharing website whose headquarter is situated in San Bruno, California, United States. YouTube is both a search engine when searching for videos and a content site when watching videos.

Twitter Adwords

Twitter is now launched as a keyword targeting solution for Twitter Ads. Keyword targeting is promoting tweets based on the keywords that the users search on twitter.

Linkedin Adwords

Reach your ideal clients on the world's largest professional network. For LinkedIn campaign you will need following points:
1. LinkedIn Account
2. Basic Understanding of your clients
3. Ad copy
4. Video (optional)