Dairy Farm Management Software

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Dairy Farm Management Software

Dairy farm management software incorporates managing a vast database of animal husbandry information..

It is useful to keep complete database of all the animals in our farm with their feed requirements, medication breeding cycles etc. It is capable of producing various reports required efficient management of animal husbandry farm. One of the important reports includes "Daily task report" which gives idea about work to be done every day. Alerts used in software are very useful to track breeding/fertility cycles of animals.


In this section we have given an overview of the software like,

  • Complete history right from birth can be maintained using this system.
  • Alerts notifying about any event in the lifecycle of a particular animal
  • Incorporates recording milk quantity periodically, collect Milk Fat and SNF records
  • Role-based Security
  • Financial Analysis
  • Online/Offline Android Application